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53 Products that Save You Money

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You may have heard the business saying, you have to spend money to make money – and it’s true, sometimes you do! Frugal people believe in a similar phrase, you have to spend money to save money. Investing in products that save you money is one of the keys to living frugally.

You may be wondering, How can you save money if you are spending it? It seems like an oxymoron, right?

But the truth is that you can save money by spending it. The trick is to buy products that will save you money down the road. When you invest in money-saving products now, you will reap the long-term financial benefits.

My list of the top products that will save you money over time are proof that spending can help you save!

Frugal Spending

Frugality is not about spending as little money as possible. It’s about making clear and conscious decisions about where and when to spend your money. It’s about skimping here so that you can spend there. It’s understanding that there is a big difference between being frugal and being cheap.

If you are just learning how to be frugal, deciding when to spend money or save money can all feel a bit overwhelming.

Before you go on a major shopping spree to invest in a bunch of money-saving items, you need to make sure your budget it balanced. If you don’t already have a monthly budget, do that first.

Get your finances organized and make sure you have your spending under control. Purchasing items that will save you money in the future is not worth it if it means going into debt.

Once your feel good about your relationship with money, making money-saving purchases just makes good sense.

Get Started Now with a Free Budget Worksheet

Make Saving Money Fun! Saving money doesn’t have to be boring. If you are on a mission to save money, make it exciting! Partake in Money Saving Games to keep it fun while also staying focused. If you have set financial goals, then watch your funds grow by tracking your savings!


My list of products that can help you save money cover a range of goods – so I’ve broken them down into different categories. I have also provided helpful product links so that you can easily obtain more product info and read product reviews.

Best Tips to Save Money in the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the best places to spend money to save money. There is so much wastefulness when it comes to food – but with these products you can start saving your pennies!

#1 Reusable Sandwich Bags 

One of the best reusable products that save money are silicon food baggies. The reusable food storage bags come in a variety of sizes, styles and colors – and they save you from the endless cycle of buying disposable sandwich bags.

#2 Swedish Dishcloths

Eco-friendly and incredibly absorbent, Swedish dishcloths are little money savers! Great for dishes, spills and dusting, the reusable cloths eliminate the need for paper towels and dish rags. (And have you seen how expensive paper towels are these days?!) A simple set of Swedish dishcloths is one of the best money saving products.

#3 Cloth Napkins 

Just like Swedish dishcloths, cloth napkins are reusable products that save money and are better for the environment. Cotton dinner napkins are fairly inexpensive – and they are machine washable so you can use them time and time again.

#4 Instant Pot

Save time? Save money? Save both! An Instant Pot is a brilliant kitchen gadget designed to save money and time. The multiple-use cooker can help you turn out some delicious homecooked meals (which will help cut down on your food bill) – plus it is energy efficient!

Similarly, crock pots are good household items that save you money and time in the kitchen.

#5 The Spatty Spatula  

Do you save money when you toss out containers with food still clinging to the side of the jar? No, you don’t. Luckily, there are money-saving gadgets specifically designed to scrap out the contents of your food bottles and a jars.

Now, you can stop wasting food and get every last bit of jelly from the jar with a slender and flexible Spatty Spatula.

#6 Flip It Bottle Emptying Stand 

I love innovative products that are designed to save cash – and the Flip It Bottle Stand is one of the most creative! Featured on Shark Tank and one of the best things on Amazon to save you money, the unique design of the Flip It Stand will help you squeeze out every last drop of any bottle!

#7 Meal Prep Containers 

One of the most amazing ways to save money is to plan your meals and prep your food ahead of time – and a good set of food storage containers will help you do it.

These money saving containers are leak-proof, dishwasher safe, freezer safe and stackable – all of which will make your food prep a much better experience!

#8 Produce Keeper 

As a frugal money saver, there is nothing worse than throwing away food that has gone bad while sitting in the fridge. Produce just doesn’t seem to last as long as it used to – but produce saver containers can help! With vented technology, your fruits and veggies will stay fresher longer, which will save you money!

#9 Vacuum Food Saver 

A top frugal tip is to buy bulk and save money on expensive products, like meat, and freeze the excess. It’s a great tip, but how do you safely store your food so that it stays fresh and without freezer burn? A vacuum sealer! Vacuum sealed food is said to last 5 times longer than food stored in ordinary zipper bags.

#10 Small Deep Freezer 

In addition to meat, there are so many foods you can freeze to save money…you just need a place to store them! With an affordable small deep freezer, you can expand your freezer storage space so that you will have plenty of room for homemade freezer meals and bulk buys.

#11 Potted Herbs 

Popular advice to save money says you should grow a vegetable garden. I personally think this is one of the frugal habits that don’t pay off. That said, I am a big fan of potted herbs – like basil, rosemary and cilantro – that you can grow in your kitchen or garden. Growing your own herbs will save you big bucks at the grocery store (where fresh herbs are pricey!).

By the way, if you do want to start a veggie garden, first find out the best vegetables to grow to save money. It will depend on where you live!

#12 Soda Stream 

A long time ago, I eliminated sparkling water from my budget grocery list – the individual bottles just aren’t economical. Enter: SodaStream, an at-home, carbonated water creator.

Not exactly cheap (after paying for the contraption, you have to continue to pay for CO2), you may wonder, How does SodaStream save you money? Well, after making the initial purchase, refilling the CO2 canister costs about $20…and it makes 60 liters of carbonated water. That is just 33 cents per liter of bubbly water versus the $1 or more that you pay at the store.

That said, there are hacks that allow you to rig your soda stream to a larger CO2 canister and save even more money!

#13 Water Filter

While we are on the subject of water, let’s talk about another product that saves you money: A water filter.

If you are fortunate enough to live in a place where the water tastes good and is healthy, then you can probably just use your tap water. If, however, filtered water is more to your taste or your tap water should not be consumed, then a water filter is one of the best purchases you can make.

Bottled water at the store is incredibly overpriced (and buying bottled water is a waste of plastic, too). A faucet filter, Brita water filter pitcher or personal filter water bottle are much better choices – both for your wallet and the environment!

By the way, even if your tap water is fine, forego buying wasteful individual bottles of water for water-on-the-go and use reusable water bottles instead. A stainless steel bottle is best!

#14 Personal Blender 

A personal blender might seem like a luxury purchase, but if you like shakes and smoothies, it is definitely an item that will save you money!

Plus, in addition to using it for smoothies and shakes, a personal blender can be used for quick and easy meal prep, which saves you time – and time is money!

Best Things To Save Money for Making Coffee

Anyone being frugal to save money knows that coffeeshop coffee costs more than ever. No worries, though, you can still get your caffeine fix at home with money-saving coffee making products.

#15 Coffee Maker

An in home coffee machine has long been one of the household items to save money. In fact, when you are trying to save money, a basic coffee maker is the most economical choice.

That said, investing in a single-cup, capsule coffee machine, like the Mini Keurig, will still save you money over buying coffee drinks at Starbucks or any other coffee shop.

#16 Coffee Grinder

Coffee afficiandos can still enjoy a really good cup of coffee from a classic drip coffee maker – just buy whole beans and grind them fresh yourself! While gourmet whole beans do tend to cost more, coffee lovers will certainly appreciate the better tasting coffee – and you can get a coffee grinder for fairly cheap!

#17 Reusable Coffee Filter

Paper coffee filters can easily cost more than $30 a year – but a reusable coffee filter lasts for years. Two more reasons they are great: They improve the taste and are eco-friendly. It’s a winner all around! (Just make sure to buy one that will fit your drip coffee machine!)

#18 Reusable Coffee Capsule

If you use a single-cup coffee machine, then you already know that single-cup coffee capsules are so expensive – and horrible for the environment. Solve both problems with one of the top frugal buys: reusable, dishwasher-safe capsules. Fill the capsules with your favorite coffee (bought at a better price in bulk, of course!) and send less waste to the landfill.

#19 Travel Mug

Just because you make your coffee at home doesn’t mean you can’t take it to go! A quality, insulated coffee tumbler is one of the purchases that save money and the environment. With a tumbler, your coffee will stay hot and it won’t spill. Plus, it saves single-use cups from being tossed in the trash can.

Best Ideas to Save Money on Energy

The best products that save energy save money, too! Investing in these products can lower your energy bill. My tips for what to buy to save money on energy covers a range of household items.

#20 Energy Saving Light Bulbs

LED bulbs are the best light bulbs to save money. Not only do these money saving items cut down on the amount of energy used in the home, but a single bulb can last for 7 years!

#21 Window and Door Insulation Kit 

Drafty windows and doors can be costly when trying to heat or cool your house. The absolute best way to save money is to replace the windows or doors. (Setting up Sinking Funds is great for a big purchase like this!).

However, while saving up the cash, you can start saving some money with good weather stripping or an easy-to-install Door and Window Insulation Kit.

#22 Smart Thermostat 

A good method to save money on energy is to invest in a smart thermostat, like the Google Nest. The programmable thermostat lets you set a heating and cooling schedule that is energy efficient.

Plus, the Nest thermostat can regulate itself and be controlled remotely through an app – so there is no more heating or cooling an empty house.

#23 Electricity Usage Monitor

An electricity usage monitor, like the Kill A Watt, is the best money saving tool when it comes to saving money on energy.

The east-to-use device measures your home’s energy output so that you can assess when and how to make cuts in your energy usage – which ultimately leads to a smaller utility bill.

#24 Solar Garden Lights

Solar powered garden lights are expert money-saving devices! The weatherproof lights can be used to illuminate a path, deck, patio or yard. Because they are powered by the sun, the lighting system uses zero electricity!

#25 Solar Powered Holiday Lights  

Did you know there are solar outdoor Christmas lights, too? With no electricity required to decorate the outside of your home, solar Christmas lights will save you money during the holidays – and who doesn’t want to save money at Christmas?!

#26 Motion Sensor Light Switches 

Lighting uses a significant portion of household energy – and the cost of leaving lights on in empty rooms can really add up. Motion sensor light switches are products that help save money.

Best used in low-traffic areas – like a closet, spare bedroom or laundry room – motion sensor switches ensure lights are only used when someone is actively in the area.

#27 Heated Mattress Pad 

Hands down, one of my favorite Save Money products is a heated mattress pad. With a warm and cozy bed, I can crank the thermostat down at night – saving an incredible amount of energy (and money) by not heating the entire home.

#28 Space Heater 

A space heater is another awesome device that saves you money in the wintertime. Using a portable electric space heater allows you to keep your thermostat low, while you only heat the room you are occupying.

#29 Fans

There are products that can help you save money in the summertime, too – like a basic, classic fan.

When used in conjunction with air conditioning, a fan can help a house feel cooler, thus allowing you to keep your thermostat at a more reasonable temperature.

Electronic Products that Help You Save Money

There are tons of electronic gadgets and items that save you money. I am just highlighting a few of the ones that I think are truly worth the cost!

#30 Rechargeable Batteries 

Everyone knows how expensive batteries are. So it just makes good sense that one of the basic ways to save money is to invest in rechargeable batteries.

A pack of rechargeable batteries – which can be recharged up to 1000 times – costs only a few dollars more than single-use, disposable batteries. Now, that is savings in your pocket!

#31 Roku 

If you are ready to ditch your cable bill once and for all, then Roku could save you money. The device allows you to stream services – like Netflix, Hula and HBOMax – through your television, plus there are free channels you can watch as well.

Once you pay for the Roku device, there are no other fees associated with using it (except, of course, your streaming networks that you pay for separately).

#32 HDTV Antenna 

Do you really want to save money? Cut both cable and streaming services and go old school with free TV. With an HDTV antenna, you will have access to local television stations – like NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX – for FREE.

#33 Cable Savers  

Cable Savers are little gadgets that save you money…big time! The inexpensive protectors keep cords from bending, fraying and breaking – so you spend less money replacing charging cords and cables.

#34 Smartphone Protector 

We’ve all been there, that dreaded moment when your phone fumbles out of your hand and onto a hard tile floor. Replacing a broken screen – or worse, a completely broken phone – will surely put a dent in any budget.

Smartphone protectors – like a screen protector and case – are two things that will save you money!

Things To Buy To Save Money on Laundry

Clothes are expensive – and the energy it takes to keep them clean costs money, too. That said, there are a few simple items that can help save you money.

#35 Wool Dryer Balls 

An inexpensive alternative to dryer sheets, Wool Dryer Balls not only reduce wrinkles and static cling in clothing, but they can cut the drying time, too – meaning you will save on your bill.

Additionally, the same Wool Balls for the dryer can be used in up to 1,000 loads of laundry! They are one of the top reusable things to save money on laundry costs.

#36 Drying Rack 

When it comes to laundry, one of the best purchases that save you money is a simple drying rack.

When you eliminate using your clothes dryer, you will see significant savings reflected in your energy bill.

Furthermore, air drying clothes – rather than tumble drying them – makes clothes last longer.

#37 At Home Dry Cleaning Kit 

There is no doubt about it, dry cleaning costs a pretty penny. Of course, the most economical plan of action is to only buy clothes that are machine washable.

However, if you already have Dry Clean Only clothes, you can learn how to save money long term on dry cleaning with an In-Home Dry Cleaning Kit.

#38 Sewing Kit 

One of the best tricks to save money on clothes is to make small repairs yourself – and for that, you only need a simple sewing kit.

Stop throwing out clothes just because you lost a button or found a hole in the seam. These are easy fixes that you can mend with even the most basic sewing kit.

#39 Quality Capsule Wardrobe 

You may have heard the latest craze of creating a capsule wardrobe – but you might be wondering how buying clothes saves you money.

The key to capsule wardrobes is that you have fewer, higher-quality clothing items that can all be mixed and matched to make an assortment of unique outfits.

When you buy long-lasting items (rather than cheap, discount clothes), you will not need to replace them as frequently. Furthermore, overall, you will need to buy fewer items because everything goes together. Thus, you save money. You can learn more in this book by Wendy Mak.

Products that Save Money in the Bathroom

The cost of bathroom supplies and toiletries can add up in a hurry – but not with these money-saving tools! My list of what to buy to save money in the bathroom will result in less wasteful spending and more cash in your wallet.

#40 Foam Soap Dispenser

Foaming soap gets your hands cleaner – and it’s one of the products that save water because you can start scrubbing before turning on the faucet.

However, buying foaming hand soap from the store is not cost effective. The soap is less concentrated and often costs more.

Instead, you can make your own foaming soap; all you need to do is add some water to your regular liquid soap and dispense it from a special reusable foam soap dispenser.

#41 Water-Saving Shower Head 

It makes sense. Save water, save money. To save water in the shower, it is best to install a low-flow shower head. With a unique design, the water-saving shower head allows water pressure to stay high, while saving up to 40% in water flow. Simply installing a low flow shower head will equate to big savings on your water bill.

#42 Waterproof Shower Timer

One of the best ways to save water and save energy is to shorten your shower time. Quicker showers use less water and less energy to heat the water. Save water, save energy, save money!

If you (or someone in your household) struggles to keep showers short, then a handy waterproof shower timer is one of the the things to buy that will save you money in the long run!

#43 Toilet Paper Alternative

Toilet paper is one of the most expensive disposable toiletries. If you want to know how to save money on toiletries – like toilet paper – it is actually very simple: Stop using toilet paper.

While foregoing toilet paper is extremely frugal, it is also incredibly economical.

An easy-to-install bidet is an excellent alternative to buying toilet paper. Another TP alternative is to switch to washable toilet cloths.

#44 Reusable Cleaning Supplies

The best option to save money on cleaning supplies to buy products that are reusable, rather than disposable.  

Stop using sweeper pads that you toss in the trash and invest in washable and reusable mop pads. For countertops, use the Swedish dishcloths that we discussed earlier!

#45 Reusable Feminine Products 

Have you ever thought about how expensive feminine products are? But what choice do you have, right? Wrong! You can always save money by investing in reusable products.

The DivaCup is a revolutionary menstrual cup that completely eliminates the need to buy feminine products. Absorbent underwear, called Period Panties, are another product that will save you money on feminine hygiene.

#46 Reusable Makeup Remover Cloths 

Makeup remover cloths and even disposable cotton balls add up in cost. Switch over to reusable makeup remover pads to start saving money. The pads are machine washable and last for years!

#47 Spatty Spatula for Cosmetics

Remember the Spatty Spatula that we mentioned for getting the last drop your jelly? Well, they make an even smaller Spatty Spatula to get to the last bit of your makeup, too – making it one of the best things that save you money.

With a Spatty, you can use up all of your foundation, creams and lotions.

Products to Buy that Will Save You Money on Exercise

Gym memberships are pricey, but with at-home exercise equipment, you can ditch the gym pass and save money! You can use my tips for Free Ways to Exercise, too!

#48 Bicycle 

Bicycles are great for exercise – and one of the best products to save you money in the long run.

Really want to start saving money? Don’t just ride your bike for fun and exercise – use it as your mode of transport! When you bike to work as an alternative to driving, you will save a ton of money on your car upkeep and gasoline!

#49 Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are an incredibly cheap way to get a good workout! Ideal for exercising your arms, legs, chest and back, affordable resistance bands are great workout products for the money!

#50 Weight Set

You don’t need a lot of weight to help strengthen your muscles and tone your body. A simple set of weights can be used for in-home strengthening – and it is way cheaper than going to the gym!

Spending Money to Save Money Products

The last few items on my list are top products for saving money! These products will help you save your money for your financial goals.

#51 Books To Help You Save Money 

What better way to save money than to learn from the experts how to do it?

For beginners, I recommend reading Dave Ramsey’s, Total Money Makeover. In the book, he shares how to get your finances in order and your savings well on their way. The accompanying workbook is a great tool, as well.

Another excellent (although slightly outdated) book is All Your Worth. The no-nonsense book details how to balance your budget so that you can enjoy life and save for the future.

Find more of the best books on finance on my list of Best Financial Books for Beginners.

#52 Tools To Help Organize Finances

Some of the best products to save money are tools that help you organize your finances, set your goals and track your money numbers.

A money journal is helpful, but if you just need something simple, take a look at my Complete Budget Kit.

This inexpensive Budget Bundle provides everything you need for setting goals, creating a budget and staying on track.

Additionally, as you start saving money toward a specific goal, you can use my fun Savings Trackers to watch your progress!

Another popular option is to use a Financial Tracking App to organize and arrange all of your income and expenses, and it’s always right at your fingertips.

Complete Budget Planner Kit from

#53 Amazon Prime 

When buying money-saving products, one of the best Amazon hacks to save money is to become an Amazon Prime Member.

With a Prime Membership, you get free delivery, access to heaps of movies and television shows and ad-free music.

If you are new to Prime, you can sign up today and get a 30-day trial for FREE!

We Want To Know: What are your favorite products that save you money? What are some of your other Tips for Frugal Living and Top Frugal Hacks? Tell us in the comments below!

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