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50 Positive Affirmations for Money to Boost Your Finances

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Repeating positive affirmations for money is an excellent way to get your mind on the right track for savings and wealth. A powerful financial affirmation can boost your confidence and motivate you to make positive changes regarding money.

If you are slightly skeptical, I get it. Affirmations for wealth can feel a lot like wishful thinking. But when you use positive affirmations for prosperity, you are battling the negative self-talk that creeps into your thoughts. Positive financial affirmations can help dispel those nagging feelings that try to convince you that you can’t succeed.

Why You Should Use Money and Wealth Affirmations

Positive affirmations about money reinforce your determination and help propel you in an optimistic direction.

When I made a big financial goal – to save enough money to quit my job and travel – there were times when fear and self-doubt invaded my mind space. By using positive money affirmations, I quieted the noise and refocused my thoughts.

The power of positive thinking is one of the things that prompted me to change my relationship with money – which ultimately helped me to reach my money goal.

By using affirmations for money and wealth, you can put yourself on a trajectory to success.

Manifesting Money Affirmations FAQs

Before I jump to my list of affirmations for finances, let’s chat about what exactly prosperity affirmations are and how they work, the benefits of abundance mindset affirmations and how to use them.

What is an Affirmation for Money and How Does it Work?

Positive affirmations for wealth are phrases or words that are repeated daily. The routine of talking positively to yourself helps combat negativity about your money situation and helps to set a positive course toward change and success.

We all have that negative voice in our heads – you know, the one that tells you that you will never get out of debt, never save enough money or are too poor to acquire wealth. Even if we do not say these things aloud, they may be in our subconscious thoughts.

Positive affirmations for finances combat the negative and help promote a renewed energy and healthy attitude about money.

Affirmations for wealth are not magic – and using them will not grant you an unexpected windfall of cash. However, saying financial affirmations to start your day will encourage positive thoughts, which can manifest into good things.

For example, if you desire to handle large sums of money or dream of becoming an excellent money manager, affirmations for success and money can help. Essentially, using financial affirmations to start the day can help exude positive energy over money so that you are prepared to handle massive success with money, as well as day-to-day financial matters.

What about The Law of Attraction and Affirmations for Money?

The Law of Attraction, in its simplistic form, is the concept that what you believe will happen, will happen. Thinking positive thoughts will manifest positive experiences, while negative thoughts result in negative experiences.

Affirmations about money fall into line with the theory of the Law of Attraction – but they are not exactly the same.

Financial abundance affirmations will reinforce your goals, help keep a positive outlook and aid in overcoming stumbling blocks.

What Are the Benefits of Affirmations on Money?

There are an incredible number of benefits of positive affirmations for success and wealth.

First and foremost, affirmations create a positive excitement about your ability to succeed. By saying powerful daily affirmations for money daily, you renew your enthusiasm and you can better stay tuned into your goals and on the right path.

Other benefits of affirmations for success and prosperity are:

  • Overcoming negative thoughts
  • Boosting your confidence
  • Empowering yourself to make changes

If you are still wary about the validity of affirmations benefits, there is scientific evidence that proves they are beneficial. You can read about the science behind it on

How Do I Use Financial Affirmations?

The best time for affirmations is first thing in the morning; it helps to set an optimistic tone for the day. You can say your money prosperity affirmations out loud while looking into the mirror or repeat them in your head before you even get out of bed.

Quiet your mind, then take about 5 minutes to say your best affirmations for money. Each phrase should be said about 10 times.

When you speak (or think) the words of your powerful money affirmations, focus on the meaning, and truly believe it. Many people recommend ‘breathing in’ the words to bring them into your being – and thus bring them into reality.

You can also try saying them several times a day, but it should be a time of focus – not just a mantra that flits through your head without meaning.

When you say your money manifestation affirmations, it needs to be intentional and full of positive vibes.

How Do I Create Positive Affirmations?

The first step to using affirmations for financial abundance is to create a phrase that is meaningful to you. You won’t gain a positive money mindset with money mantras that don’t resonate with you or your goals.

My list of money affirmations is a good place to start for ideas – and we get to those in a minute!

Your daily affirmations for money should be in the present tense; not what will happen in the future but instead expressing it in the here and now. It is best if the phrase does not contain any negative words or connotations – keep the entire sentence of your money wealth affirmations completely positive.

Abundance affirmations for money should be specific and to the point. To create money affirmations that work, you should come up with phrases that reflect your goals, passion and excitement.

Affirmations for Money to Boost Your Finances by

50 Affirmations for Money

The best money affirmations are ones that directly reflect what you desire, so creating your own phrase is ideal. That said, my Money Affirmations list can help you get some ideas. Because affirmations for money should be specific, I have separated my list into multiple categories. 

Affirmations for Saving Money and Managing Money

An affirmation for financial abundance – such as for sinking funds or eliminating debt – is a powerful way to stay focused and positive.

#1 I am in control of my money.

#2 I am committed to my monthly budget.

#3 I feel empowered and confident to spend money wisely.

#4 I am capable of reaching my money goals.

#5 I enjoy tracking savings and managing my money.

#6 I find joy in organizing my financials.

#7 I bravely deal with money obstacles.

#8 I confidently conquer my financial goals.

#9 I am successful at saving money.

#10 I have the power to turn my financial dreams into reality.

#11 I make good financial decisions.

#12 I accept the challenge of saving money.

#13 I am dedicated to being debt free.

#14 I have the power to destroy my debt.

#15 My financial past does not reflect my future.

#16 I am in charge of my financial success.

#17 I readily take steps toward a positive financial future.

#18 I am grateful for the lessons I have learned and am ready to control my finances.

#19 I choose to save money (or get out of debt) for a better financial future.

#20 I believe in my ability to save money (or get out of debt).

Attract Money Affirmations

Attracting Money affirmations are excellent mantras for manifesting money. Many sales people use Attract Wealth affirmations to set their minds in a positive space business-wise and to attract money happily. 

#21 I openly accept money into my life.

#22 I am a magnet for money, wealth and prosperity.

#23 I allow money to freely flow to me; money comes easily.

#24 I energetically invite money and wealth into my life.

#25 I attract the abundance of wealth life brings.

#26 I welcome money in order to build great wealth.

#27 I am confident that I attract money.

#28 I am capable of attracting money abundantly.

#29 I happily accept the wealth that comes to me.

#30 I am unlimited in my power to attract money and wealth.

Financial Freedom Affirmations

Affirmations for financial freedom can help you to positively live the life you want. With an affirmation for financial freedom, you are reconfirming your mindset to reach – or continue – your goal of money success.

#31 I am financially free.

#32 I am destined to a life of financial freedom.

#33 I claim my desire to be financially free.

#34 I hold a great vision of financial freedom.

#35 I am wealthy and have everything that I want and more.

#36 I am ecstatic about my abundance and ability to live a life of financial freedom.

#37 I am rich and prosperous and financially free.

#38 I am happily enjoying financial freedom.

#39 I believe that I can attain financial freedom.

#40 I am dedicated to making my dream of financial freedom a reality.

Affirmations for Financial Success

Financial prosperity affirmations can help you envision a life with successful finances.

#41 I am at peace with my financial prosperity.

#42 I deserve the money that I have.

#43 I choose to be wealthy.

#44 I am unlimited in my money potential.

#45 I fully embrace a life of money and wealth.

#46 I deserve to be prosperous and to attain financial success.

#47 I am on my own financial path and will not compare myself to others.

#48 I am happy, healthy, wealthy and wise.

#49 I am worthy of my financial success.

#50 I happily choose to be financially successful.

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Unique Ideas for Affirmations: Money and Finances

Hopefully you have some good ideas of how to create your own personal Abundance of Money affirmations. It is best to write down your phrases. You can use any piece of paper – or get a little creative and use one of these unique ideas.

Bullet Journal: Affirmations

Using a bullet journal for your positive affirmations is an excellent (and creative!) way to commit to your phrase.

Like a diary, a bullet journal is a place to write your thoughts and feelings. What makes a bullet journal different from a diary, however, is that it is also a place to create, draw and keep track of tasks.

Create a section of your bullet journal to log your money affirmations and decorate the page with positive colors and motivating images.

Money Affirmations Worksheet and Coloring Book

If you are not feeling confident about creating you own affirmations from scratch, then using a book of worksheets might help.

The Money Magnet Affirmations book – which you can get on Amazon – can help guide you through the process. The book contains 28 days of affirmations and journaling projects.

Money Affirmations Jar

A Money Affirmations Jar is great if you have a long list of phrases that you want to mix up throughout the year.

You can easily create your jar of affirmations. All you need is an empty container or glass jar and small pieces of paper.  Write down your affirmation mantras on individual slips of paper, fold them up and put them into your jar. Then, each day take out one affirmation to read and focus on.

Similar to a jar for affirmations is a Japanese-style wishing pot. Rather than putting all of your affirmations into the jar, you write down one affirmation on a scroll and you put it into the pot. Keep it displayed somewhere you will see it regularly and be mindful of your affirmation.

Financial Affirmations Board

Similar to a vision board (but so much easier to create!), a financial affirmations poster or board is a great accompaniment to your verbal mantra. You simply write your phrase on a board and display it – either on your wall at home, your bathroom mirror or on the fridge in your kitchen. The visual display will be a constant reminder of the importance of financial affirmation.

You can make your Positive Affirmations Money Board from poster, paper or a post-it note. That said, a dry erase board or tabletop chalkboard are ideal if you intend on saying different affirmations about money daily, weekly or monthly.

Final Thoughts about Affirmations for Money

Personal money affirmations are an excellent method of keeping your goal top-of-mind and your head in a positive space. Incorporating the phrases into your daily routine actually takes little effort – and has numerous benefits. Don’t wait another day, consider making money affirmations one of your financial resolutions today!

I think Henry Ford said it best: “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, either way, you are right.”

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We Want To Know: Do you use affirmations for money or other frugal lifestyle tips? What are your favorite money mantra affirmations?

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